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New Razor Edge Rolling Basket!
Featuring  six 3/8" x 3" Cutting Edges, 15" Diameter, 1 1/2" Block Bearing

Razor Edge


New 12' Portable Cattle Loading Chute!  This is our Simple and Rugged Loading Chute!

Frame is made with 1 1/2" 14ga. square tubing.

Side height is 48" of sheet metal and an overall 60" high.

Floor is 2" x 12" green treated lumber.

Has a telescoping tongue that slides in for easy loading and unloading and slides out for transport.

Ready to use at semi truck height.

Portable Loading Chute

Portable Loading ChutePortable Loading Chute

Portable Loading ChutePortable Loading Chute



New Stationary Cattle Loadout System with stationary cattle loading chute, ground load out, Y-splitter, and alley!

This new load out system would be a great addition to any feedlot working system.

Can be purchased as a whole unit or in individual pieces.

Cattle Loadout SystemCattle Loadout System

Loading Chute with working areaLoading Chute with working area



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