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16′ Portable Loading Chute for Rent


16′ portable Loading Chute.  Works great for all sizes and types of livestock.  48″ of sheet metal, 60″ overall high side.  Loading heights from 6″ off the ground to 5′ high.  1″ round cleats spaced every 8″ that can flip up for wash out.  18″ wide catwalk with cleats.  Telescoping tongue slides in for loading and unloading, and out for transport.  The access/stop door has a heavy duty slam catch.  2 Heavy duty stands help support the weight with pads that swivel for uneven ground.  Independent flip outs to fill the space between the chute and the trailer.  16″ tires.

Daily Rate:  $200
Weekly Rate: $800
Monthly Rate: $2400
Purchase: $5900