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Hay Wagons

Te Slaa Hay Wagons are the solution to your hay-feeding needs. A feed saving design on a rugged, mobile platform helps conserve feed costs and allows you to move your hay bunk as easily as you move your livestock. This wagon feeds round bales, large square bales, ground hay, silage, and grain.

Bunk Manager


•  Height: 64″
•  Width: 7′ 8″
•  Pan Depth: 10″
•  Feeding (H): 24″
•  Feeding (W): 16″
•  16″ rims and tires
•  6 bolt hubs
•  2×4” Heavy wall rectangular tube frame
•  Slant bars and hay retaining rack constructed of 1 1/2” 14 GA. tubing
•  Industrial paint

Square tubing is not the only feature that makes this the best choice in mobile hay feeders. The bunk manger in our design serves to hold the bales, provide stalls for the livestock to access hay, and prevent hay from falling to the ground as waste. The result is an efficient setup that keeps hay away from the outside bars. Hay that does fall remains inside the wagon and falls to the feeding pan.

Strong design again plays a role, with our mobile hay feeder able to hold multiple bales securely and withstand the forces of feeding livestock. The 12 gauge feeding pan handles the load of the hay, the abuse of livestock, and the rigors of moisture and weather.


Size Options & Features

16 Foot

•  Single Axle
•  31 Feed Spaces
•  2200 lbs.

24 Foot

•  Single or Double Axle
•  41 Feed Spaces
•  2860 lbs.

32 Foot

•  Double Axle
•  Tombstone style feeder
•  51 Feed Spaces
•  3580 lbs.